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Who Are The Quacky Ducks?

The dopest ducks to ever graze the blockchain!

Quacky Ducks are a collective of 8888 meticulously handcrafted, disobedient builders looking to make friends on Erc-721.

Come join us on our journey to conquer web 3.0 through an immersive and interactive roadmap, taking us to the Quackyverse and beyond!

Backstory Comic!

White Paper

Quacky Questions

Quacky Ducks are meticulously hand-drawn digital art pieces, illustrated in a simple but expressive cartoon style, with crisp linework and flat shading.

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Our Roadmap

Phase 1
  • Community giveaways
  • Launch the $Quack utility token
  • Introduce staking
Phase 2
  • Buy land in the Sandbox for future metaverse integration
  • Launch Quacky Ducks comic series
Phase 3
  • Host the opening of the Quaky Arena Battle with 1/1 Animated Quack and eth giveaways for the winners.
  • A Free mint exclusively for QD holders, more info soon.... eyes
  • Build the Quarkade for the Gambling Quacks.
  • Integrate QD even further into the Critterz Minecraft Metaverse (CMM) by creating custom skins for Quacky Ducks.
  • Use In game $Block Utility token for in game P2E Gambling in the Quarkade and possibly for the Merch shop
Phase 4
  • Introduce staking for QD
  • Possibility of launching own token (QD Decide)
  • Host various P2E and PVP adventures on our private plots in CMM
Phase 5
  • Open Online Merch Shop (might be moved to Q4)
  • IRL events
  • Host various P2E and PVP adventures on our private plots in CMM

Quacky Team

Ryan Nazha
Bassem "Yutaktik" Boustany
Lead Artist & Designer
Bahaa Rassamny
Technical Advisor
Serena Nazha
Public Relations

Truly Some Dope Shizz!